Beautiful Plants that are Easy to Grow at Home

Decorating the house with beautiful plants can improve the atmosphere of our home. Not only that, caring for plants can provide peace and a beautiful atmosphere in our homes. Planting activities are also increasing during this pandemic, to replace activities outside the home. Household appliances & Furniture

According to, plants that can be grown indoors not only provide a good atmosphere for the house, but also the mood and feelings we feel. Studies show growing crops can increase productivity, concentration and creativity. Not only that, the plant can relieve stress, fatigue and unwell symptoms such as sore throat and flu.

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Coming with a variety of different forms, Philodendron occupies the top row as a plant that is low-maintenance and has good aesthetic value for space. Its low-maintenance nature makes this plant easy to care for and does not wilt easily even if placed indoors. Perabot Unik

This green plant has a striking leaf color, like the Pink Princess color which makes it look beautiful. To keep this plant, make sure to water it when the soil surface looks dry, place it in a room that can indirectly be exposed to sunlight.

Snake Plant

Snake plant or snake plant became the second row of 10 favorite plants of Instagram players. This plant became popular thanks to its low-maintenance properties and also its uniqueness.

The pointed leaves will grow taller. Not only that, this plant only requires watering every few weeks in the summer. Place it in a simple and unique pot, which matches the color of your home, to give the house an aesthetic impression.

Spider Plant

Being in the third row of 10 plants that are easy to grow at home, spider plants do sound a little scary. But don’t worry, this plant is actually beautiful and is a popular plant among Instagram. Property News

Spider plant leaves have leaves with beautiful stripes. Not only that, spider plants are also very easy to care for. Place it in a sunny room and water it once a week. This plant will be healthy and durable.

Peace Lily

If Fimela’s friend wants to have a plant that can produce beautiful flowers, Peace Lily is perfect for you.

When not producing flowers, Peace Lily has a glossy leaf effect that will add a beautiful touch to your home. Don’t forget to always water it when the soil surface looks dry. This is done to keep the plants green and fresh.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant is a plant that is easy to care for and grow at home. This plant is not easy to wither and die. This plant originating from Africa only requires watering every 2 to 3 times per week. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Its glossy leaves make it a must-have for your home or office. This plant can also be placed in an area that is not exposed to the sun.