Rustic Themed Wedding Decoration Inspiration, Very Beautiful in the Outdoor Area!

Wedding decorations during the pandemic apply more outdoor decorations. One of the most popular is the rustic themed decoration using natural materials. Household appliances & Furniture

This time, we have summarized the inspiration for rustic-themed wedding decorations that can be your wedding choice for you and your partner. Like what?

1 Eucalyptus flowers, wooden signature name boards, and classical-era lanterns can be sweet choices to decorate the chair area Perabot Unik

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2 You can also play with pastel colors on the fabric for the table and chairs as well as the garland lamp on the ceiling

3 Wedding arches with details of this maroon flower arrangement and cloth loops, it’s also cool that you apply it in the guest arrival area

4 Lantern decorations to accompany live music can also make your wedding more memorable Property News

5 Details of a wooden chair with flowers that match the arch underneath, will add to the beauty of the invited guest area  Perabot Rumah Tangga