Simple Home Decorating Tips to Improve Wellbeing!

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are required to continue to do activities at home such as working, studying, and even shopping is done from home. Household appliances & Furniture

Almost all activities that you used to do outside are now forced to be done from home. Not infrequently you feel bored because of repetitive activities, even the design of the house remains the same or even falls apart, therefore it is better for your home to support your daily activities as well.

At this time, a healthy and comfortable home atmosphere will greatly affect the comfort of you and your family. The pandemic requires you as a user to start paying attention to natural air circulation and good natural light circulation so as to create a healthy home. Perabot Unik

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Conditions with a healthy environment are able to provide a sense of comfort, security, and happiness which will have an impact on your physical and psychological health, which means that the state of your home is directly related to the well-being of each individual.

Therefore, let’s look at a simple way to make your home into a small kingdom that is warm and comfortable for yourself and those around you.

Balance between workspace and lounge
Ideally when doing work from home, you should have a separate workspace from the relaxing room. So that when work time is over you can leave all your tired work there. Eits, just turning off the lights after work, really helps to relieve stress.

Tips: If this is not possible use some room dividers or large plants as a divider. Don’t forget to provide air circulation and natural light in the room so you don’t get tired. Property News

2 Neat furniture arrangement

A tidy home brings well-being and happiness to mental health. In Feng Shui, each room is connected to each other and allows positive energy to flow to every side of the house. Therefore, if your house is neat, of course you will be enthusiastic about activities.

Tips: Try the “10-minute bin-bag challenge” Set your stopwatch every morning and collect unnecessary items and throw them away with consideration. Over time you will feel your home is more spacious and organized.

3 Maximizing natural lighting

Sunlight can contribute to a sense of warmth and Vitamin D which is good for body health, reduces humidity in the room so that the room feels fresher. Perabot Rumah Tangga

In addition, sunlight also prevents the emergence of unpleasant odors from the possible emergence of mold. For those of you who often have insomnia and a bad mood, the sun’s rays really have an effect on your mental health.

Tip: Use lots of mirrors as a reflection of sunlight or a few additional small windows in each room.

4 There is room for all activities

Along with work and rest, having room for self-care or hobbies can really help your mental health as well as the atmosphere at home. Like, for those of you who like to read, make a warm reading corner near the window as your favorite place at home.

Tips: Try a mix of various forms of decoration at home, this will increase the sense of comfort and relaxed atmosphere at home.

5 Choose materials from nature and long term

Wood and stone are the most popular choices for 2021, these materials connect us to nature and bring texture along with happiness and well-being. In addition, you can paint your house with cream, pale blue, brown or yellowish white colors to bring a natural atmosphere.

Tips: Apply the use of carpet or fabric materials in several rooms to increase comfort.