6 Tips for Decorating a White Christmas Theme

White Christmas is a term used to describe the celebration of Christmas in the middle of a snowy atmosphere. This term refers to the celebration of Christmas which is often found in various romantic films themed on Christmas or Christmas atmosphere in European countries and the United States. Household appliances & Furniture

The white Christmas atmosphere will be dominated by white which symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and a calming atmosphere. For mothers who live in Indonesia, white Christmas may be difficult to apply because Indonesia is not a snow country.

Even so, Mama can still feel the beauty of white Christmas by decorating the house with white Christmas ornaments. To make it easier for Mama to juggle the house, this time Popmama.com has summarized some home decorating tips with a white Christmas theme.

Good luck, Mom!

1 Artificial snow

The main element of the white Christmas theme decoration, namely snow. You can create a snowy atmosphere at home with artificial snow. Now, a lot of artificial snow is sold, packaged in cans or in the form of spray.

If you want to be creative with the members at home, then you can make your own homemade snow. Mama only needs styrofoam as needed, then start scraping the surface of the styrofoam using a fork. Later, Mama will produce white styrofoam powder that resembles snow. Perabot Unik

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Artificial snow that can be used as decoration next to a Christmas tree or placed in the corners of the room to make snow mounds. Next, place Christmas trinkets as sweeteners such as Santa Claus to a mini Christmas tree.

2 white candles

To make the atmosphere of the house more pleasant and resemble snowy countries, then you can add white candle ornaments at home. Mama should put a white candle in a clear glass or made of crystal so that it looks more elegant.

If you want to highlight the rustic concept of a white Christmas, then you need to add leaves and pine cones around the white candle. Property News

White candles can also be placed in the living room, bathroom, and dining table.

3 white twigs

White Christmas decorations will be more lively with the addition of white twigs. Mama just takes a few small tree branches and then paints the surface with white.

Place the dried white twigs in a clear or crystal vase. Add Christmas trinkets to add to the festive white Christmas atmosphere. Perabot Rumah Tangga

4 white Christmas trees

In addition to snow, white Christmas decorations are also inseparable from a white Christmas tree. A white Christmas tree and snow is the right combination to create a white Christmas atmosphere at home, so that it resembles a Christmas celebration in a snowy country.

You can order a special white Christmas tree a few days or weeks before Christmas. Then adjust the Christmas ornaments and trinkets that will be hung on it, from the color to the shape.

Mama should install silver ornaments to add to the festive atmosphere of white Christmas.

5 White house interior

After preparing all the white Christmas knick-knacks, don’t forget to conjure up your house with a white interior. Mama can repaint the house with white, especially the doors, windows, and living room.

If you don’t want to repaint the house, then you can simply decorate the dining table and living room with white decorations.

For example, Mama replaces the tablecloth with white, then adjusts other household appliances with white Christmas decorations to make it look more elegant.

6 Ornamental plants with white flowers

Finally, it’s time to beautify the house with ornamental plants that have white flowers. There are many kinds of ornamental plants that match the white Christmas theme, such as white orchids, white lilies, and white roses.

Place these ornamental plants in the living room, dining table, and window sill. You can also hang white flowers on the door to show the white Christmas theme to guests who come.