Minimalist Aquascape Design Ideas for Unique and Charming Home Decorations

Do you have an aquarium and getting bored with how it looks? It seems there is nothing wrong with trying to remodel the aquarium with the aquascape technique so that it becomes a unique and charming part of home decoration. Yes, aquascape is now a trend that is loved by ornamental fish fans. The thing that becomes the attraction of this aquascape is of course the appearance that makes the aquarium more attractive.

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As the name suggests, aquascape is intended to bring the natural atmosphere of the underwater landscape into the aquarium. Therefore, the existing elements usually consist of objects in the natural environment such as wood, stones, gravel, sand, and of course aquatic plants.  Household appliances & Furniture

Well, if you are also interested in trying to make your own aquascape at home, here are some unique and interesting minimalist aquascape design ideas.

1 Elegant black

Dare to wear black for aquascape? Why not! Black color can be applied by choosing black sand and stones that are also dark in color. However, of course you need contrast to make a minimalist aquarium design more lively. Thus, the greenery of the plants is the most attractive contrast. This minimalist aquascape will be even more stunning if you add special lighting that is highlighted from above.  Perabot Unik

2 Underwater tropical atmosphere

Minimalist aquascape does not mean making the aquarium empty and lonely. Making it lively can also be done. However, what needs to be considered is minimizing the type of elements used. Like the simple aquascape above, it looks like plants are the main element. As a decoration, wood elements are also added to make the aquascape look more natural.

3 Brighter with white

It feels incomplete if you carry a minimalist concept without involving white. Yes, minimalism is very synonymous with white. Interestingly, even a minimalist aquascape can highlight this white color. The white color can be obtained from the sand for the bottom of the aquarium and rocks. So that the appearance of the aquascape is not monotonous, of course it is necessary to add contrast through plant colors. To produce a brighter minimalist aquascape, lighting is something that should not be ignored.  Property News

4 Natural nuances of tropical rivers

Freshwater aquariums are the most common. Therefore, making a minimalist aquascape with a freshwater river theme might be the most preferred. It’s also not difficult to make. The most distinctive elements are black sand, rocks, and of course freshwater plants. You can be creative yourself to shape the landscape and make it as natural as possible.  Perabot Rumah Tangga