5 Christmas Wallpaper Inspirations for Home Decoration

The Christmas celebrations are getting closer, indicating that the time for mom to decorate the house with Christmas knick-knacks is also getting shorter. The Christmas moment is very familiar with all red and green home decorations that are often applied in the family room and living room. Perabot Unik

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However, there are several other interior design models that can also be applied at home, you know, Ma. One of them is like replacing the wallpaper with a Christmas theme.

For moms who are changing their wallpaper for the first time at Christmas, this time Popmama.com has summarized five inspirational wallpapers that can be used as home decorations.
What are they? Come on, see the review below!

1 Green leaves Wallpaper

If the minimalist concept is chosen as the theme for Christmas decorations this year, then green leaf wallpaper is suitable to be applied in the living room or family room. Green leaves can give the impression of being simple, neat, and at one with nature. Property News

Green leaves can represent the green color that is synonymous with Christmas celebrations. Not only that, green wallpaper can provide comfort and tranquility in the living room and family room.

You can combine foliage wallpaper with white or neutral furniture, so it can feel more peaceful and calming.

2 Monochrome wallpapers

The next wallpaper recommendation is a monochrome wallpaper that is identical to black, white, and gray. Mama can apply this wallpaper in the family room as a Christmas decoration.

Mama should choose one or two colors that dominate the room. Match the monochrome wallpaper with Christmas knick-knacks or the color of the furniture at home.

Avoid placing too many Christmas trinkets because it will make the room feel cramped. Monochrome wallpaper is suitable to be combined with the white Christmas theme. Household appliances & Furniture

3 rustic wallpapers

If you want to bring a natural atmosphere at home with a small budget, then try using rustic wallpaper. Because, rustic wallpaper can highlight the wood element in a room.

Rustic wallpaper is suitable to be paired with furniture made of wood, including the placement of a rattan basket as a flower vase. You can also beautify the room using rustic wallpaper with typical Christmas flowers, ranging from roses, orchids, to lilies.

4 Wallpaper all white

The next wallpaper is an all-white wallpaper to highlight the cleanliness and purity side. This type of wallpaper can be an alternative choice for Christmas decorations in the family room or living room because it gives the impression of being spacious and clean. Perabot Rumah Tangga

In addition, the color white also symbolizes purity and purity. You can pair a white wallpaper with a white sofa or a Christmas tree with snow decorations.

5 Snowy wallpapers

Finally, Mama can enjoy the winter atmosphere by installing a wallpaper that displays a snowy atmosphere. Currently, there are many snow-covered wallpapers for sale that can be installed at home.

This wallpaper goes well with a white-themed Christmas tree and other winter-related knick-knacks. Mama can also make or buy artificial snow to put in the living room and family room so that the winter atmosphere is more felt at home.