Christmas Decorations in Australia: Hundreds of Thousands of Lightbulbs to Straw

Christmas ornaments have been seen in a number of places in Australia. There are various forms, ranging from decorative lights in big cities to Santa decorations from straw in agricultural areas. Perabot Unik

The Paul Tassions family, who live in Riverland, South Australia, have installed 67,000 light bulbs in their home over the past three months.

In previous years they just installed ordinary decorative lights, like most families in Australia.

“Initially we only installed 200 light bulbs. But since last year the number has been 53,000 and now it has increased to 67,000 bulbs,” said Paul. Property News

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To put that many light bulbs around the house and yard, they’d been doing it since the start of the school holidays in October.

Paul’s two children, Anja and Lexie, said they were happy to see the joy of the visitors who came to enjoy the Christmas decorations in front of their house.

Their house became famous now, especially since they raised funds from people who came to see it.

“Last year we managed to raise AU$2,617 [approximately IDR 27 million] for the Flying Doctors organization [an organization that flies doctors to remote areas],” said Paul.

This year, Paul said he would raise money for cancer treatment in children.

But he said the most important thing about Christmas decorations in his house is to make people in his area happy.

“When we see visitors smile, we also feel satisfied,” he said.

Maybe this will be the best

The Christmas decorations at the home of the couple Jeremy and Lorraine Stevenson in Albany, Western Australia, could be some of the best in Australia this year. Household appliances & Furniture

Imagine, there are 420,000 decorative light bulbs that emit various colors at night.

Jeremy explained that it took him a month and a half to design and install Christmas decorations in his 2,500 square meter house.

“We call it interactive styling,” says Jeremy.

“Visitors can immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit,” he said.

Notable features of this decoration include a four-meter-tall reindeer and a replica of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. In addition, there are also imitations of the Tower of Pisa and the Tower of Big Ben.

Jeremy was thrilled that the decorations he displayed had raised up to AU$54,000, or more than IDR 550 million, since 2019. Perabot Rumah Tangga

For Christmas this year, he hopes to raise at least AU$50,000, or more than IDR 500 million, from the approximately 20,000 visitors who come to his house.

The plan is that the money raised will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Western Australia, inspired by their granddaughter, Amelia, who lives with a lung disorder.

Santa Claus on the farm

Emily Donnel, a farming family on the Copper Coast, South Australia, puts a unique Christmas decoration on the gate of her farm.

With the help of his son, Lachlan, he paints and colors the hay rolls that have been arranged to resemble ‘Santa Claus’.

“Locals always ask what decorations we will make this year,” Emily said.

“There are those who express their gratitude through letters, including those who come from abroad,” he said.

At first, the family made Christmas decorations out of old tires, or other used goods, which he collected from his farm.

The origins of Christmas decorations on farm gates in Australia are never known. But what is certain is that this tradition has existed for a long time in various parts of the Australian outback.